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Lanner today announced the release of the LSP-SGP401, a F.A.S.T. NIC solution with 8x LAN ports, up to 10KV surge protection and -40ºC to 85ºC wide operating temperature range.

This compact and robust desktop NIC module meets the demand for a networking solution that delivers latency-free networking capability for services that rely on high-speed connectivity, reliable power source and 24/7/365 availability.

Taipei, Taiwan – June 4th, 2024 - Lanner Electronics Inc., a global leader in network computing appliances and edge AI computer, today unveiled its latest series of high-performance network security appliances NCA-6250 powered by the latest Intel® Xeon®6 processor. With exceptional high core density, fastest memory capabilities and built-in AI accelerators, the new NCA-6250 delivers exceptional compute and throughput performance per watt for the most demanding network security applications, such as NGFW, DPI, IPS/IDS and content delivery.

New Taipei City, Taiwan – June 4th, 2024 Lanner Electronics, a leading provider of network appliances and carrier-grade edge servers, has announced its next-generation edge AI server, the ECA-6051, powered by the NVIDIA MGX reference architecture. Designed to accelerate AI training and inference in 5G infrastructure, the ECA-6051 is a 2U short-depth edge AI server featuring the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and support for multiple GPUs. The ECA-6051 aims to enable low-latency multi-access edge computing applications, including video transcoding, factory visual inspection, and RAN intelligent control, in private 5G networks.

The integration of hardware UART flow control into communication platforms marks a significant advancement in serial communication reliability and performance. Lanner Electronics has announced a significant enhancement to their EAI-I131 platform with the integration of a dedicated hardware UART flow control chip. This upgrade delivers superior reliability and performance in serial communication, minimizing data loss and buffer overflow. With this advancement, Lanner reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge, high-quality communication solutions tailored to meet the rigorous demands of edge AI computing applications.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(), the software centric, embedded edge machine learning system-on-chip company, today announced a collaboration with Lanner, a leading provider of industrial computing appliances, and AWL, an AI software company specializing in video analytics. The partnership will deliver high-performance edge AI solutions optimized for industry sectors like manufacturing, retail, and transportation.

Lanner announces the certification of its cutting-edge NCA-4240 platform by Intel NetSec SD-WAN Developer Kit.

The Lanner NCA-4240 server is based on 14th Gen Intel Core desktop processor family with performance-hybrid architecture. The new Intel Core processors combines performance-cores with efficient-cores and increased cache sizes, delivering outstanding multithreaded performance.

Lanner today announced the launch of the ECA-6040, a powerful 2U short-chassis DU/CU and AI server appliance for 5G RAN virtualization and real-time inferencing/training at the 5G edge.