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The prevalence of Video Management Systems (VMS) infrastructure has now reached a point where enterprises find it impractical to continuously monitor the overwhelming stream of video data around the clock. The demand for scalable, real-time video analysis stands as one of the primary catalysts driving the integration of AI into VMS infrastructure. Given the immense volumes of video data, more and more enterprise organizations are finding success using Milestone VMS solution in conjunction with edge AI technology deployed near the video cameras to enable intelligent video analytics (IVA) applications.

Lanner partners with Milestone to build an API gateway that eases the integration of intelligent video analytics (IVA) applications with the Milestone XProtect VMS. Pre-validated with Milestone AI Bridge, Lanner LEC-2290E, a NVIDIA-certified Edge AI appliance, can work as docker containers that enable the exchange of data between these IVA and VMS.

Processing Server

Lanner LEC-2290E works as a processing server hosting Milestone AI Bridge and the IVA applications. Now user can integrate AI solutions into their customers’ existing camera infrastructure easily, resulting in a significantly faster installation time, especially critical for larger deployments that may span hundreds of cameras.


Milestone AI Bridge

Milestone AI Bridge is a MIP SDK developed using cloud-native technologies. It forwards video streams from cameras added to the XProtect VMS to the IVA applications for video analysis. Milestone AI Bridge allows the IVA applications to send the analysis results back into your XProtect VMS as analytics data (events, metadata, and video).


As a result, users will have the capability to analyze their video content effortlessly through a user-friendly interface. By integrating AI into video analytics, the entire data gathered will evolve into valuable insights to enable proactive decision-making for various applications, such as risk prevention, real-time alerts, and investigations.




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  • Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (Coffee Lake)
  • NVIDIA® A2 GPU Card Support
  • 2x DDR4 2133/2400 SO-DIMM, Max. 32GB


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