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Asset Condition Monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Machine Learning

Overall Equipment Effectiveness



Leverage the Power of Real-Time Edge Data to Keep Assets Running as Planned

Customers want to adopt modern use cases to enable Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation, but they lack the right technology to liberate the data locked in distributed assets. Challenges to implementing Industry 4.0 include complex data and systems, slow and expensive deployment, and a lack of clear ROI.

Litmus’ Edge platform brings a vetted and tested software platform with proven, extensive hardware compatibility that is able to quickly integrate with world-class physical manufacturing assets (PLC‘s, CNC’s, sensors, robotic systems, SCADA) and the myriad of software and data intelligence components that currently drive them.

This Industry-leading software platform fits perfectly together with Lanner’s open & versatile industrial hardware to provide the connectivity and edge computing power necessary. Deliver clear ROI’s and accelerate your digital transformation to gain predictive maintenance capabilities, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) intelligence and other key insights to maintain the competitive edge in modern manufacturing.



One Platform to Collect and Manage Data from All Industrial Assets


Integrate Data into Big Data and Cloud Systems for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Litmus delivers unmatched time-to-value by connecting to any PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian or ERP in just minutes. Our industry-leading, 250+ pre-loaded driver library connects and collects data out-of-the-box with no programming required to calculate OEE immediately. Collect and normalize hundreds of custom data points from any number of assets or facilities with one platform.   Normalized data is immediately made available to both OT and IT systems via edge-to-cloud enterprise integration. Use the data collected to deploy machine learning models and advanced analytics that lead to higher quality products while maintaining operational efficiency. Run intelligent models and apply them back to edge devices to improve OEE and other processes.


Litmus Overview Video from Litmus on Vimeo.

The Edge Platform for Industry 4.0

Our flexible and scalable edge platform is built for any Industry 4.0 initiative or use case – from smart manufacturing and Industrial IoT to predictive maintenance and machine learning. Litmus provides the data collection, analytics, management and OT-IT integration necessary to increase asset visibility, performance and uptime at scale.


Lanner Industrial Hardware + Litmus Edge



Extensive I/O for both Modern and Legacy System Integration

With 8x Digital I/O, multiple serial COM and USB ports along with modern network gigabit+ interfaces you can integrate with a wide range of systems

Optimized for Secure Edge Communications

Powerful Processors enable multiple high-security protocols and encryption algorithms in real-time communications

Built for 24/7 Operation in Harsh Industrial Environments

Lanner’s hardware platforms bring proven reliability, with a purpose-built design that can withstand the harsh challenges in the industrial edge


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