HybridTCA Computing

Lanner’s Hybrid Telecommunications Computing Architecture (HybridTCA) is created to meet the challenging requirements for carrier-grade network control, cloud computing and data center. The unique technology has advantages over the AdvancedTCA infrastructure in aspects of hardware design, customization options and cost/energy efficiency.

High Port Density

Lanner has engineered unprecedented port density for 2U network appliances. Utilizing our modular or blade technology, each platform can be configured to your optimum requirements.

Network Acceleration Card

Lanner offers a selection of add-on cards to offload the most demanding packet processing to processors that are specifically designed for this task. In addition to the standard cards listed here, we also produce custom designed cards and modules.

Crypto Acceleration

As the complexity of networking and security applications continues to grow, systems need more and more computational resources for workloads, including cryptography, data compression, and pattern matching. Intel® QuickAssist Technology is designed to optimize the use and deployment of algorithm accelerators in these kinds of applications.

Trust Platform Module (TPM)

Lanner Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides the hardware security and secure boot with the cost effective solution to build up the best value system for mission critical applications like finance, banking, healthcare, or military.

Remote Management

With Lanner’s IPMI add-on card, network appliances can be managed at a central location remotely to configure, install, reboot and shut down through firewalls and NATs. The card features SSL encryption, and comes with an SDK so you can create a custom management console for your appliance.