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Actualize Your AI Vision Now with Revolutionary Cost-Effective Edge AI Hardware Solutions

Cameras are pervasive across smart cities, retail businesses and industrial operations with each one generating swaths of data to process. Scaling AI to meet this challenge requires not just highly optimized software, but a processor architected to run it effectively.

The Hailo-8™ AI processor, featuring up to 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS), significantly outperforms all other edge processors. Its area and power efficiency are leaps and bounds ahead of other leading solutions by a considerable order of magnitude (up to 3 TOPS/W).

Lanner’s LEC-2290 pairs a robust x86 CPU and the Hailo-8™, leaving its PCI x16 slot for full-height FPGA, GPU or SSD to optimize demanding edge workloads. The low-footprint LEC-7242 integrates the Hailo module into a small form factor efficient edge vision appliance.

Accelerate deployment with an edge-focused solution built to process multiple FHD video streams in real-time on a single device, and securely transmit curated metadata & insights with robust onboard network connectivity (wired and wireless LTE, CBRS, FirstNet, WiFi…)



AI Industry Standard Workflows and Framework Model Translations


Real-time FullHD Multi-stream Semantic Segmentation

Hailo devices are accompanied by a comprehensive AI SDK tool chain which seamlessly integrates with existing deep learning development frameworks to allow smooth and easy integration in existing development ecosystems.   With an architecture that takes advantage of the core properties of neural networks, Hailo-8™ allows edge devices to run deep learning applications at full scale more efficiently and process multiple input streams in real-time.



Proven Real-World AI Performance

Putting hardware to the test using well-known workloads showcases the Hailo-8™’s power, efficiency

and low-latency in real-time AI solutions, even while using just a fraction of its maximum TDP


Lanner's Edge Computing Appliances + Hailo 8 AI Processor



Extensive I/O for System Integrations & Automation

With 8x Digital I/O, multiple serial COM and USB ports along with modern network gigabit+ interfaces you can integrate with a wide range of systems.

Built for 24/7 Operation, Even in Harsh Environments

Lanner’s hardware platforms bring proven reliability, with a purpose-built design that can withstand the harsh challenges in the industrial edge.

LEC-7242 brings FCC/CE/PTCRB certification for LTE or WiFi

Low/long-range wireless connectivity provides fallback redundancy communications for mission-critical and remote deployment.

Rich Expansion Slots for mPCIe, M.2, PCIe x16

Deploy the right hardware expansions and accelerators to overcome resource bottlenecks efficiently at the edge.


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