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Simplified Orchestration and Security for IIoT Edge Computing Hardware and Applications

Most modern systems are mission-critical and cannot afford downtime due to security breaches or lengthy deployments and upgrades. ZEDEDA and Lanner have partnered to provide a flexible and secure foundation for Industrial IoT edge computing. The readily available apps enable edge data ingestion, analytics, and deployment as an advanced industrial router at less than half the cost of current options.

ZEDEDA is a simple and scalable cloud-based IoT edge orchestration solution that delivers visibility, control, and security for the distributed edge with the freedom of deploying and managing any app on any hardware at scale and connecting to any cloud or on-premises systems. With ZEDEDA customers can now seamlessly deploy and manage any edge compute node to instantly unlock the value of IoT data and make real-time decisions.

Lanner’s  x86 Industrial IoT Edge Routers provide the digital, serial, and network connectivity to easily plug into existing industrial systems with flexible mounting options, wide operating temperatures, and many more industrial features like electrical isolation.



Support for any legacy and cloud-native edge applications


Zero touch deployment and built-in app marketplace

ZEDEDA’s orchestration solution uniquely provides support for both virtual machines and containers, enabling industrial operators to consolidate their existing applications alongside new cloud-native innovations. The result is a future-proof solution that provides customers with the flexibility to continue to deploy new edge computing use cases as their needs evolve.   ZEDEDA-ready Lanner hardware enables zero-touch deployment and provides access to a built-in marketplace with a growing catalog of popular edge applications like Microsoft Azure IoT Edge, AWS Greengrass, Inductive Automation Ignition Edge, and Kepware KEPServer. Operators can also create private app stores with their own curated content.



Zero trust security

The solution is purpose-built for edge deployments outside of physically-secure data centers, featuring ZEDEDA’s zero trust model with hardware-root-of-trust, remote attestation, data encryption, anomaly detection and distributed per-app firewall capabilities. The result is a simple, remotely-managed solution that can be deployed without IT-skills and run autonomously with risk free updates from the cloud.

Lanner Industrial Hardware + ZEDEDA IoT Edge Deployment Example



Extensive I/O for both Modern and Legacy System Integration

With 8x Digital I/O, multiple serial COM and USB ports along with modern network gigabit+ interfaces you can integrate with a wide range of systems

Optimized for Secure Edge Communications

Powerful Processors enable multiple high-security protocols and encryption algorithms in real-time communications

Built for 24/7 Operation in Harsh Industrial Environments

Lanner’s hardware platforms bring proven reliability, with a purpose-built design that can withstand the harsh challenges in the industrial edge

LEC-7242 brings FCC/CE/PTCRB certification for LTE or WiFi 

Low-range and long-range wireless communications enable communication in difficult spaces and advanced fallback redundancy features.



Open foundation prevents lock-in


Support for high-availability networking features

ZEDEDA leverages the open source EVE-OS from Linux Foundation’s LF Edge project. EVE-OS is a lightweight, secure, open, universal and Linux-based IoT edge operating system with open orchestration API. EVE-OS on Lanner hardware serves as an abstraction layer for both orchestration and security.   Available state-of-the-art virtual routing apps enable use as a secure Industrial IoT router at less than half the cost of traditional options while also supporting additional applications.  Features include LACP, load balancing, and VRRP and redundancy level can be increased through additional software/hardware deployment.


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