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Critical infrastructures, such as factory, substation, oil refinery, hydropower facilities, are mostly located in distributed, remote areas and constantly encountered with cyber security threats from malwares or ransomwares over the past couple years. The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic mandated employees to work from home, creating more security vulnerabilities as remote workers access to industrial control systems with unprotected personal IT devices.

Lanner’s WhiteboxSolutions™ and its Ecosystem Partners Now Join Trilogy’s Distributed Cloud Platform to Enable Cloud-native Workload and Applications at the 5G Edge Networks.

Fremont, California, June 9th, 2020 – Lanner Electronics, the global leader in Whitebox Solutions™ for Network Communications, Security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Software Defined Networking (SDN), is joining Trilogy’s Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI) to support Trilogy Networks’ Distributed Cloud Platform for Rural America. The collaboration between Lanner and Trilogy will bring data collection, compute and transport at the edge and dramatically reduce communication latency and CAPEX/OPEX required for the 5G workload-intensive data processing and analytics.

Today sees the release of two F.A.S.T. solutions from the connectivity series the NCS2-POEIG402 and the NCS2-POEIG802. They both come in Lanner’s standard slim type NCS2 form factor, are built with Intel® I350-AM4 chipset and equipped with 4 and 8 PoE+ power output respectively.

Lanner provides configure-to-order Edge AI platforms specifically engineered for compute-intensive, AI-powered video analytics in the network edge. Powered by the 8th Gen Core™ processor, PoE connectivity and GPU expansion, LEC-2290 can run a variety of computer vision algorithms to improve the AI-based video applications, such as retail video analytics, machine vision, physical security and traffic monitoring.

Defining the Edge is not always obvious. Creating the right edge architecture for compute, networking and storage are the foundation to a successful 5G launch.

The healthcare market is changing rapidly. Driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and decentralized computing trend, the demand grows up for Edge AI.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, medical facilities are seeking next-generation IT solutions to offer AI architecture for health data analytics and immersive remote healthcare demands. The emerging edge computing technologies, such as Edge AI and SD-WAN, enable accelerated graphical computing for medical pattern diagnosis and ensure multi-WAN connectivity so that doctors can conduct telemedicine with their patients through video conferencing.