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Low-latency Edge AI Solution for Retail, Manufacturing and Smart Cities

The accelerating deployment of powerful AI solutions in competitive markets has evolved hardware requirements down to the very edge of our networks. Harnessing existing IT workflows is instrumental to edge-ready solutions capable of closing complex gaps between core business IT investments, competencies and upcoming AI opportunities.

Designed and built in-house by Lanner for secure remote operation and accelerated workloads with the Tesla T4 Tensor core GPU, the LEC-2290E is validated and edge-ready out-of-the-box for streamlined NGC deployments. NVIDIA GPU CLOUD (NGC) fast-tracks edge AI solutions with its comprehensive catalog of containerized software GPU-optimized for edge-to-core solutions.




Raw throughput is just one of seven factors to consider in the overall evaluation of a system.
To get a complete picture of its performance you must take into account all of the above.

GPU Accelerated Edge AI

NVIDIA T4 enterprise GPUs supercharge the world’s most trusted mainstream servers. Its low-profile, 70-watt (W) design is powered by NVIDIA Turing™ Tensor Cores, delivering revolutionary multi-precision performance to accelerate a wide range of modern applications, including machine learning, deep learning, and virtual desktops.

From 2020-2025 AI is expected to grow by 25 billion in retail, manufacturing, and smart cities, with the demand for better, faster AI edge processing at its highest point. Below are examples of how an NGC- ready system can be utilized within these industries to bring cost-effective optimizations and valuable insights for today.


Lanner + NVIDIA Targeted Application Segments



Intelligent Retail

With AI-enabled intelligent stores, retailers are reducing shrinkage, eliminating stockout, and gaining visibility into in-store customer behavior to optimize merchandising. These stores leverage data from cameras and sensors to provide valuable analytics that enable smart decision-making, improve operations, and increase efficiency. Additionally, the same infrastructure can be used for a faster customer checkout experience, including fully automated checkout systems.

Efficient Manufacturing

The flexibility of automation and fast-paced technologies like 3D printing and ecommerce have greatly increased capabilities & diversity, along with overall complexity for manufacturers. To meet these demands manufacturers are relying on powerful AI to increase efficiency and improve logistics. Cutting edge AI implementations have enabled some of the largest manufacturers to manage the immense influx of millions of parts around the world every day. Machine vision driven robotics have optimized manufacturing of increasingly intricate and personalized products.

Smart Cities

Populous cities are deploying powerful autonomous AI solutions to reduce expenditure and increase revenue streams. Problems like vehicle-tax collection on such scales require machine vision AI solutions that can handle traffic monitoring and vehicle/license plate recognition. Rising public safety concerns with the ongoing pandemic have accelerated the creation and real world deployment of crowd and safety equipment detection solutions.



NVIDIA EGX Edge Computing Platform


High Performance and Scalable

Communicate with customers in real time. Adapt quickly as data flows from billions of sensors, from factory floors to store aisles. Instantaneously diagnose diseases and provide life-saving patient care. All of this is possible—smart retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and cities—with today’s powerful AI and the NVIDIA EGX platform, which brings the power of accelerated AI computing to the edge.

EGX starts with the tiny NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™, which in a few watts can provide one-half trillion operations per second (TOPS) of processing for tasks such as image recognition. And it spans all the way to a full rack of NVIDIA T4 servers, delivering more than 10,000 TOPS to serve hundreds of users for real-time speech recognition and other complex AI experiences.




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