Scalable Network Modules

Enhance the performance and bandwidth of your network appliance according to your needs with these front-facing and easily swapped modules. Choose from over 20 different Ethernet network modules, including RJ-45 copper, fiber, bypass and speeds from 1GbE to 10Gbps.

MIO Expansion Layer

Making available the scalability needed by system integrators looking to fulfill specification requirements for almost any vertical application. The MIO expansion layer enables a plethora of I/O configurations.

Wide Voltage Input

Wide input range ensures 24/7 availability and convenience for most application scenarios and environments. Offer compatibility with mostly adopted voltages, including 9~36 VDC, +12 V and 24V, ensuring compatible operations and reducing overheads.

Expandable PCI slots

PCI expansion interface allows flexibility for whichever type of expansion per customers' needs and requirements. These expansion interfaces can be leveraged for adding additional I/O and communications ports, not only improving a system’s functionalities but also simplifying the complicated tasks faced by system integrators and developers.

Easy-to-open Chassis

Tools are not required for opening appliances’ encasing when installing and replacing internal CF, HDD, memory and mini-PCIe devices.

Multiple Displays

Multi-display capability and 4K resolution are musts for physical security, machine vision and digital signage applications, ensuring information delivery to the right target at the right time.