Design and Manufacturing


Lanner has the engineering capacity to create completely customized hardware platforms per our client's request. Our experienced development team walks you through the entire process, from selecting your core architecture and mechanical design, to network I/O considerations to defining your final specification.

Lanner provides Configure-To-Order Services to our customers, allowing them to configure the hardware & software design to meet their individual needs. 

We offer software and hardware load-testing services to help validate your solutions. Many of our ruggedized and industrial platforms come pre-certified for their operating conditions. Our pre-certified wireless modules simplify mobile applications within North America.

We understand hardware security and the peace of mind it brings to our customers solutions. For that reason Lanner only manufactures within its own tightly-controlled facilities, no sub-contractors or third-parties will touch your hardware before you.

As the final stage in the assembly process, Lanner can install your software on the network appliance, so you receive a fully functioning unit with your latest software configuration. Simply upload your firmware to our secure servers and we’ll load the software and send you a completion report.

From Personalized BIOS Screens, to full service packaging with manuals and support materials, we can deliver a completely turnkey system anywhere in the world.

Competing in worldwide markets requires logistics experts who can ensure the product gets to the right locations efficiently.

Of course, with Lanner these complexities are handled in-house so you can focus on what you do best. We will handle every intermittent step from our facilities to the doorstep, this means: duties and taxes, customs, freight S&H and routine status tracking. We have been in the global hardware business for over 30 years, our seasoned compliance and regulatory experts will get your product wherever you need.