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The universal IP/MPLS router and multi-functional Service Gateway, consolidating CG-NAT, BRAS, URL filtering, DPI, QoE and DDoS Protection, are in 1RU Network Appliances

Video Intelligence is among one of the popular AI-based Edge Computing technology deployed in various industries, such as public safety, digital retailing, public transit surveillance and production inspection. AI-optimized video analytics algorithms, such as facial recognition, people counting or license plate recognition, can generate tremendous volume of data at the edge, which requires high performance edge computing power to ensure real-time response and low-latency for mission-critical video intelligence applications.

Today sees the release of Lanner’s LEC-7242, an industrial environment gateway IPC with Intel® Apollo Lake CPU. This wireless gateway with FCC/CE/PTCRB certification for LTE or Wifi is designed for IoT/IIoT edge, wireless security and multi-site management solution deployment in commercial, enterprise and public sector applications.

The LEC-2290 Edge AI Computing Appliance Incorporates Intelligent Video Analytics and IoT Security

Taipei, Taiwan — March 17, 2020 — Lanner Electronics, a world leader in design and manufacturing of intelligent edge appliances, announced partnering with Gorilla Technology, the cutting-edge video intelligence and IoT security solution provider, to launch the next-gen Secure Edge AI solution. Integrating Lanner’s intelligent edge computing appliance with Gorilla’s real-time video analytics and IoT security platform, the edge AI solution aims to deliver AI-optimized video intelligence while ensuring cybersecurity and data protection at the edge. The LEC-2290 edge AI solution will be making its debut at Gorilla’s virtual booth during March 18-20, 2020. Contact Lanner or Gorilla directly to visit the booth for a sneak peak of the new machine.

(New Taipei City, Taiwan, March, 10, 2020) Lanner, the global leader in public transit surveillance, announced today that onboard vehicle NVR V3S and V6S have now become Milestone XProtect verified platforms. Lanner’s V3S and V6S are designed with multiple built-in PoE ports and a scalable option with uninterrupted swappable 4G LTE modem caddy PGN-series moduleV3S and V6S are now Milestone XProtect verified platforms.

Lanner Electronics Inc., a global leader in SDN and NFV white-box solutions, today announced that our PGN-300 module has been certified by Verizon ODI (Open Development) LTE Cat.M1 device. The newly certified module has proved interoperability with multiple Lanner appliances, including NCR-1510LEC-2290V6SV3S, and more to come soon, to boost scalability and connectivity

The all-in-one MEC Solution integrates Intel architecture multi-core compute, P4-programmable switching, security VNFs, and end-to-end orchestration to enable application performance at the virtualized edge.

Taipei, Taiwan and Montreal, Canada  – March 3rd, 2020 – Lanner Electronics, a global leading manufacturer of advanced network appliances today announced the release of the all-new Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) platform. Developed in collaboration with Barefoot Networks, an Intel company, NoviFlow, and Fortinet, the platform integrates Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based compute nodes, Barefoot Tofino P4-programmable Ethernet switch silicon, Fortinet’s Fortigate VNF, and NoviFlow's CyberMapper programmable networking software. By deploying network-based capabilities in edge infrastructure to secure applications and data, the next-gen MEC solution simplifies network architecture, accelerates application deployment, eliminates cabling complexity, and enables zero-touch provisioning of network edge infrastructure.