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Real-time traffic video analytics, built on IoT and AI, allow for the collection and analysis of data to improve day-to-day traffic management, enabling a wide range of advanced applications, such as traffic flow analysis, smart traffic management, and violation detection, and assisting cities adapt for long-term sustainable transportation needs.

Lanner collaborates with GoodVision to provide a complete solution that features Lanner rugged edge AI appliances and GoodVision AI engine. Compatible with existing IP camera, the real-time Traffic Video Analytics solution is designed for analyzing camera streams on the fly, providing traffic monitoring and real-time event detection on roads and junctions.

Traffic Control

With GoodVision you can monitor traffic 24/7 and adjust traffic controllers in real-time with the most precise traffic data ever. Obtain just-in-time data about traffic volumes, vehicle events and violations. GoodVision’s live traffic analytics converts your road-side cameras to an ultimate traffic control system!

  • Connect to your existing traffic cameras
  • Deploy to your road-side sensors
  • Receive real-time traffic events and alerts

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  • Intel Core i7-8700 Processor
  • 32GB RAM / mSATA 128GB
  • 2.5x256GB SSD Storage
  • Nvidia A2 GPU / GVLT SW Pre-loaded
  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
  • 16GB RAM / 16GB eMMC
  • 2x PoE, 1x COM,1x CAN
  • M.2 for 5G Sub6 and WiFi