New Taipei City, Taiwan, Jan 23rd, 2024 – Lanner Electronics, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of intelligent edge appliances, today announced a partnership with Chooch — a leading AI Vision Platform provider, to showcase the cutting-edge Computer Vision Solutions for retail environments. Tailored specifically for the retail setting, the turnkey solution provides real-time visibility to enhance store efficiency, employee productivity and deliver outstanding shopping experiences, whilst increasing revenues and decreasing operational costs.

This Computer Vision Solutions for Retail Analytics features Lanner’s NVIDIA certified Edge AI appliance LEC2290E and the Chooch edge-optimized AI Vision Platform. With its NVIDIA certification, the LEC-2290E delivers a highly efficient platform that ensures optimal performance, enabling accelerated AI-based video and data analytics in retail applications.

The Chooch AI Vision Platform combines Generative AI and Large Vision Models with computer vision to enable retailers to automate the review and analysis of visuals and video stream data to detect actions in videos and images, understand their significance in real time to gather actionable insights from store operations in the front and the back of the house. Chooch provides computer vision solutions for monitoring and analyzing foot traffic, share of shelf compliance, supply chain management, inventory management and stock outs, store security and safety, and more. With Chooch AI Vision solutions, retailers now have the data needed to streamline operations, increase revenue, decrease costs, and optimize the shopper experience.

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Jeans Tseng, CTO of Lanner Electronics, stated, "By collaborating with Chooch, we provide system integrators with a comprehensive, all-in-one edge AI platform tailored for retail analytics. This platform comprises a high-performing AI model and a robust NVIDIA-certified edge AI appliance, delivering real-time AI insights, minimizing latency and empowering organizations to make quicker, more informed decisions."

“In partnership with Lanner, we are helping retailers leverage real time insights from their existing camera infrastructures for faster decision making,” said Anubhav Saxena, CEO of Chooch, “our customers have implemented our cutting-edge solutions for improving loss prevention, transforming supply chain and inventory management and retail execution, to name a few. They are realizing significant benefits with trusted, compliant, and secure AI solutions to enhance their top and bottom line, whilst improving shopper experiences.”

The Computer Vision Solution for Retail Analytics will be on display at Lanner's booth #CS420 at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, Spain during Jan 30 – Feb 2, 2024. Visit Lanner's booth to see the solutions in action.

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Chooch is a leading provider of AI Vision solutions that combine Generative AI with Large Vision Models to deliver faster outcomes with greater accuracy. Chooch AI Vision technology enables businesses to make their cameras intelligent, gathering real-time actionable data for driving critical business decisions. Chooch has helped customers deploy AI Vision solutions globally for workplace safety, retail loss prevention, retail analytics, inventory management, wildfire detection, and more. To learn more about Chooch, please visit