Barcelona, January 24th 2023: Lanner Electronics, a global provider of network appliances and edgeAI systems, Telco Systems a leading provider of vendor-neutral hybrid edge compute solutions, and CVEDIA, a leader in edge computer vision software, today announced a partnership to demonstrate a next-generation, smart retail solution based on advanced edge computing supporting AI acceleration on a small form-factor edge device. The solution will be available for viewing at the ISE exhibition (Booth no.5A200) in Barcelona, January 31st through February 3rd.

The companies have partnered to demonstrate Telco Systems’ Edgility platform for Edge Computing on top of a compact edge AI appliance IIoT-I530 powered by Lanner, to efficiently process computer vision AI tasks such as object detection and image classification using CVEDIA's video analytics technology. The simple to onboard, unique workload includes computer vision AI based analytics applications connected to an intelligent Edge Computing platform with integrated SD-WAN that can span thousands of customer sites, on top of a compact edge device, capable of delivering real-time AI insights at the edge.

The solution establishes how edge computing can be used to analyze and act upon real-time video data, without the need for a connection to the cloud, and with a no-code, devops-less approach that enables retailers to easily install and integrate AI technology to their existing SD-WAN infrastructure, while reducing complexity and costs. This can be particularly useful in a wide range of industries such as retail, transportation, and manufacturing, where real-time insights and low-latency decision-making are critical.

The companies will demonstrate multiple AI-based video analytics applications, including a video camera streaming to an AI-based software that applies the AI model to the video for a specific inference (e.g., smart shelf), with the outcome sent for additional processing (e.g., trend analysis). These applications produce a huge amount of live video based data in real time, and real-time insights and low-latency decision-making are critical.

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"We are excited to collaborate with Telco Systems and CVEDIA to showcase the capabilities of edge computing with computer vision AI", said Jeans Tseng, CTO, Lanner Electronics. “By leveraging our hardware expertise with Edgility’s edge virtualization and CVEDIA’s Computer Vision processing, we are able to demonstrate how edge computing can provide real-time insights, in a wide range of environments, to help organizations in various industries improve efficiency, productivity, and safety."

"Edge Computing for industry is growing exponentially, and we are thrilled to be working with Lanner and CVEDIA to showcase the potential to boost productivity and profitability for Retail, Manufacturing and other sectors" said Ariel Efrati, CEO, Telco Systems. "Edgility, our open platform for Edge Computing, includes integrated NGFW and SD-WAN, is capable of running any application, and enables the deployment of multiple AI workloads across thousands of sites. Combined with Lanner's hardware and CVEDIA's video analytics technology, it creates a powerhouse of new and valuable services for organizations seeking to improve performance by processing data closer to the source."

"Computer vision is a powerful tool that can provide organizations with valuable insights, but traditional cloud-based processing can introduce significant latency," said Arjan Wijnveen, CEO & co-founder, CVEDIA. "By processing data at the edge with the help of Lanner's hardware and Telco Systems' Edgility platform, our video analytics technology can deliver real-time AI insights, reducing latency and enabling organizations to make faster, more informed decisions."

This ground breaking solution for Edge Computing with Computer Vision AI on a compact edge device is presented at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona, January 31st through February 3rd. It highlights the potential for edge computing to revolutionize a wide range of industries by providing real-time insights and low-latency decision-making through the use of advanced AI and machine learning technologies.

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Lanner Electronics is a world-leading hardware provider with design, engineering, and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances, ruggedized industrial computers, power substation computers and edge AI appliances.

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CVEDIA is the first computer vision company to pioneer the use of synthetic data that eliminates data bottlenecks and delivers reliable AI-based video analytics applications. CVEDIA turns video into actionable data in easy-to-use applications that are dependable, affordable and highly optimized to run on edge devices.
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