Lanner Smart NIC modules provide hardware offloads for software-defined networking, security, and management workloads, allowing for maximum performance. It's a powerhouse of programmable accelerators equipped with DPUs and accelerators, enabling service providers to efficiently build and operate virtualized, containerized, and bare-metal infrastructures at a massive scale.

Here are some ways in which Smart NIC can accelerate network workloads:

  • Built-in DPU and accelerators:

DPU can offload network processing tasks from the host CPU which in turn, frees up the CPU to perform other tasks and thus improves overall system performance. The SmartNIC also includes hardware acceleration for network security tasks such as encryption, decryption, and packet inspection.

  • Hardware Security:

DPU provides hardware-based isolation between workloads, which helps prevent firmware-level malware or side-channel attacks.

  • Programmable FPGA:

DPU includes a programmable FPGA that can be customized to accelerate specific network security tasks. This can include offloading encryption, decryption, compression, or decompression tasks from the CPU, or performing specialized packet inspection.

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Chipset Mellanox ConnectX-6

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CPU None
Chipset Intel® Atom™ P5742 (Snow Ridge)

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