Private 5G and Edge AI Unleash the Power of the Smart Factory

Private 5G and Edge AI have changed the landscape of next-gen smart factories. With ultra-reliable, low latency 5G communication and AI-powered machine vision, 5G+AI unlock the digital transformation of today’s manufacturing business, including high-precision vision inspection, autonomous mobile vehicles, visual-guide robotics, and more.

To accelerate 5G+AI deployment in smart manufacturing, Lanner provides a complete range of MEC/Open RAN servers and edge AI computers, aiming to build secure networks with high reliability, enhanced performance, and real-time decision-making.


Private 5G

Private 5G allows enterprises to bring a custom-tailored 5G experience to indoor and outdoor facilities, offering a combination of essential security, reliability, and performance enhancements. Lanner builds open, scalable MEC servers and Open RAN appliances that enable low-latency, time-sensitive networking for dedicated bandwidth capacity and range required for high-quality connections and consistent service to help reduce downtime.





Multi-node+P4 Switch MEC Server

  • 4U Edge Server Powered by Intel Ice Lake CPU
  • P4 Programmable Switch + IEEE1588 Time Sync
  • Expansion: OCP Compliant NIC, PCIe Slots

Wide-Temp Open RAN Appliance

  • Edge Server Powered by Intel Ice Lake D CPU
  • Wide Operating Temperature -40~65ºC
  • PCIe Expansion Slot+IEEE1588 Time Sync


Autonomous Mobile Robot

One of the main challenges in the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) market is to build enterprise-grade robots quickly with the proper level of security and flexibility to scale up the operation. Lanner and MOV.AI have joined forces to simplify AMR development by providing robot manufacturers and integrators with machine vision computing and the software platform they need to quickly build, deploy, and operate intelligent AMR solutions optimized for industrial environments.



NVIDIA Jetson Edge AI Computer

  • NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX/Jetson Nano
  • Wide Operating Temperature -40~70ºC
  • 5G & Wi-Fi6 Support

NVIDIA-certified Edge AI Computer

  • Intel® Core™ i7-8700 with NVIDIA® A2 GPU Card
  • NVIDIA-Certified System for Industrial Edge
  • 2x RJ45, 4x PoE, 4xUSB, 6x COM, 8x DIO

Mov AI
Robotic Engine Platform

  • 3D SLAM Localization & Autonomous Navigation
  • Obstacle Avoidance and Risk Prevention
  • Automated Object Detection and Classification



Machine Vision Inspection

The vision-based factory product inspection solution utilizes IoT devices to inspect the final product visually and generate imaging data. The image acquisition unit, including cameras, and sensors, must be able to capture different levels of high-speed inspection and forward their data for processing. Integrated with PCIe AI accelerators from NVIDIA and Hailo, Lanner provides Edge AI appliances that enable real-time, imaging-based automated decision-making in factory product inspection.




AI Inferencing Rugged Computer

  • Powered by Intel® Core i7-8700 Processor
  • Falcon-H8 PCIe AI Accelerator Pre-installed
  • 2x RJ45, 4x PoE, 4xUSB, 6x COM, 8x DIO

AI Inferencing Edge AI Server

  • NVIDIA-Certified System for Enterprise Edge
  • Dual Socket Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Processors
  • 14x Storage Drive Bays, 2x PCIe Slots for GPU Support


Vision-based Smart Logistic

The automated depalletization system requires high-resolution scanning in large volumes with superior accuracy, capable of recognizing each box when a robotic arm places them on the conveyor belt. Integrated with M.2 AI accelerator, Lanner provides edge AI appliances that enable real-time 3D imaging and texture machine vision, made possible by advanced and deep learning inferencing, to deliver consistent identification for boxes of different shapes, sizes, or materials.





AI Inferencing Rugged Computer

  • 11th Gen Intel® Core i CPU
  • 6x PoE+, 2x RJ45, 2x COM, 4x USB
  • Pre-installed M.2 Hailo-8™ AI Accelerator

AI Inferencing Rugged Computer

  • Intel® Atom Apollo Lake CPU
  • Pre-installed M.2 Hailo-8™ AI Accelerator
  • 2x RJ45, 1x COM, 2x USB