Join Lanner and Intel at Intel IoT Solution Conference 2015 to find the hardware and network infrastructure you need to accelerate the development, integration and deployment of solutions that deliver intelligence from things to cloud. See how Lanner and Intel have been working together to deliver solutions that are generating innovative IoT and IoTC opportunities across industries.

The rising development of cloud computing has triggered the demand for cyber security applications for higher network manageability, connectivity, flexibility and serviceability. As a global leading supplier in providing purpose-built network appliances, Lanner will participate at Booth #12.0-577 in the coming it-sa 2015, which will take place from Oct. 6th to 8th at Nuremberg, Germany. At it-sa 2015, Lanner will be showcasing its latest network security platforms designed for the enterprise UTM/VPN, next generation firewall, wired and wireless management and endpoint/edge network security.

Due to the increase uses of vehicles and public transit in urban areas, many municipal governments and transportation system companies are searching for intelligent computing systems to deliver more efficient service while reducing unnecessary time consumption and pollution. To help improve traffic flow, Lanner will showcase its full intelligent traffic management systems and robust in-vehicle computing product lineup. There will be complete range of rugged IPCs designed for wayside control, high-intermediate mobile surveillance, and rolling stock communications. Come visit us at Booth #C13, from Oct. 5 to Oct. 9 at ITS World Congress 2015, France.

The rising technological reliance on cloud computing, mobile Internet devices, and commercial off-the-shelf security software has attracted new types of threats and vulnerabilities to industrial and enterprise network traffic. In other words, the networking management field is perceiving network vulnerabilities and cyber threats in a new perspective. To address the growing concern for information security, Lanner will participate at InfoSecurity Russia 2015 to showcase its next generation network and cyber security systems. Come visit Lanner at Booth C6, from Sep. 23 to Sep. 25, in Moscow, Russia.

To address the exponential growth of industrial automation for manufacturing, power and energy, Lanner will participate at Booth I38 in the coming AUTOMATION 2015, which will take place from Aug. 24 to Aug 27, in Mumbai, India. In this event we will showcase our latest embedded computing and industrial communication systems for application such as machine automation, multi-vision inspection, substation automation and renewable energy monitoring. These systems will serve well as the computing units for various fields and applications in industrial automation.

At Computex 2015, Lanner will be presenting a broad range of IoT solutions aiming to build a greener world. These green solutions are designed to optimize system performance and power efficiency and are ideally applicable in sections such as power and energy, transportation, industrial automation and network computing. Come visit Lanner at Booth K0403A from June 2 to 6 at Computex 2015.

In the upcoming IT week of Japan, Lanner is going to showcase its latest cloud computing and IoT solutions at ESEC 2015. Come visit us at Booth W5-27 from May 13th to May 15th.

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