Lanner is a Freescale Connect Partner, experienced in designing and manufacturing embedded board solutions for system integrators, service providers and application developers.

Hardware solutions from Lanner offer the following advantages:

Legacy architecture consolation
Cloud computing ready
Compact and powerful all-in-one design
Strategic alliances with leaders in hardware and software industries
At the FTF Americas, Lanner will be showcasing solutions built using Freescale’s iMX6 and QorIQ processors, including:

QorIQ based

MR-350: Half-rack/Desktop Network Processing Platform with Freescale P1011/1020 CPUs
MR-631: Rackmount Network Processor Platform with Freescale P2041 CPU
iMX6 based

VES-500: Dual/Quad core embedded board for developing Freescale evaluation kit
Find your next solutions for hardware/software integration from Lanner at the FTF Americas.