Lanner will be showcasing its full range of purpose-built Industrial PCs at the 2014 Computex, the second largest trade show in the world for the IT industry. To be displayed at booth K727a are Lanner’s network computing and applied computing IPC hardware that are designed for different vertical applications.

At this year’s Computex, Lanner is turning the spotlight on innovative hardware solutions designed for driving the convergence of smart devices, data analytics, data mining and cloudnomics, a convergence that brings about a network and communications revolution known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The focus on the IoT will be displayed via Lanner’s product showcase for network communications, cloud computing, smart grid, industrial automation and intelligent vehicles.

Network Computing

As the leader in network computing hardware and services, Lanner’s network computing products deliver complete, cost-effective solutions, and are customized to clients' specific needs.

To be highlighted at 2014 Computex are the FW-7525, the FW-7551 and the FW-7573. All three products take full advantage of Intel’s C2000 series of Atom™ chips (codenamed Rangeley) for delivering not only excellent performance in packet processing but also strong gains in energy efficiency. They are made for deployment in datacenters, server rooms and/or traffic intensive environments and are positioned as solutions for telecommunications, network security, WAN optimization, UTM, wireless controller and application delivery.

The HCP-72i0, on the other hand, is based on Lanner’s unique hybrid telecommunications computing architecture (HybridTCA™). It is different from the prevalent advanced telecommunications computing architecture (AdvancedTCA) because it integrates control, management and data processing in one system. For more information about Lanner’s HybridTCA™, please watch the introductory video here.