The Passenger Information System (PIS) solution for trains collects and dissipates updated real-time information to passengers. It integrates with various visual and audio components, provides access to the remote command center (or Internet) via wireless communications such as Wi-Fi / LTE for data collection, and is capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

The PIS solution automatically delivers audio and visual information regarding:

  • Updated arrival and departure times.
  • Potential delays.
  • Local weather.
  • In some cases, news, entertainment, and advertisement.


A comprehensive PIS needs to provide information in real-time through a set of audio and visual announcements with components like digital signage, microphone, intercoms, and system displays. Integrating all these components without facing some interoperability and incompatibility is challenging.

The PIS solution is based on the following components:

  • Visual and audio sub-systems
  • In-train computer.
  • Train compliance.
  • GPS tracker.
  • LTE/WiFi connectivity.
  • Command and Control Center.


Designed for high-performance processing to deal with large amounts of information in real-time. Lanner provides railway in-vehicle computer with rich in I/O to input and output media data.

Lanner’s R6S is a train computer, fully customized with the right processor, memory, multiple I/O, and internal expansion. R6S is more than an ordinary in-vehicle computer— it is built to receive shock and vibration.


  • High-performance Intel Core i7-7600U CPU. Great for controlling audio and video.
  • Rich I/O and internal expansion capabilities. It includes 1 x Removable 2.5” drive bay for 2x storages, 2 x COM ports, dual video ports (DVI-D/VGA), USB, and DIDO ports. The computer can also expand with Mini-PCIe Socket x3 with dual SIM card readers for LTE/WiFi communication.
  • 10 x M12 PoE ports. It comes with 10 PoE ports with M12 connectors for cameras, actuators, and sensors.
  • Rugged vibration and temperature-resistant. R6S resists the constant high vibration and shock of modern or traditional rolling stock. It is also designed with a corrugated aluminum case to cool itself without using fans. R6S can operate under a wide range of temperatures -40°C to 70°C.
  • Rolling stock compliance: EN50155 and EN45545
  • GPS Tracker: The computer also comes with an onboard GPS receiver module and G-sensor to help keep track of the moving train.
  • LTE/WiFi Module: The PGN-600 is a swappable 4G/LTE CAT-12 radio modem for mission-critical communications (Certified with AT&T and PTCRB, and Compliant with CBRS and FirstNet).

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