The Problem

In populous metropolitan areas where traffic flow is heavy, keeping traffic under control and maintaining road safety have become a tricky problem because of sparse traffic law enforcement. Traffic violations such as speeding, median crossing and running a red light are often neglected, giving rise to more serious offences and worse traffic congestion as drivers ignore the possibility of getting caught.

The Solution

This is where ITS, short for intelligent transport system, comes into play. Automatic road enforcement, one of the most critical ITS applications, requires intelligent video platform that integrate the best and the latest technologies, including those for image capturing, information filtering and network computing, for retrieving real-time images and license plate numbers, in order to deliver instantaneous traffic reports back to the data centers for automatic ticketing. Automatic road enforcement can further assist crime investigation by cross-referencing vehicle registrations and criminal records for locating stolen vehicles and for identifying suspects on the run, via face recognition software.

The Product

The aforementioned embedded hardware appliances such as Lanner’s LEC-2580 must include the following specifications for ITS applications:

  • Fan-less design: for ensuring reliability and availability
  • Rich I/O: including multiple Gbe ports, for IP camera connection and data transmission
  • Powerful CPU: such as the 4th generation Intel Core i7, for image capturing, data mining and data analysis
  • Industrial-grade SSD drive: for securing data storage in unpredictable environments
  • Reliable and continuous connectivity: for routing information back to datacenters
  • Compact size: for easy installation and deployment
  • Wide range of temperature support: for weathering various climate conditions

Lanner LEC-2580, a fan-less, high performance IPC with Intel’s 3rd generation Core i7-6600U CPU, meets all 7 criteria for intelligent transportation systems. Its fan-less, compact design and industrial grade temperature range all ensure its reliability and operability in unpredictable outdoor settings; its performance and configurability for memory intensive tasks such as image recognition and data processing are guaranteed by the powerful Intel Core i7 CPU.

The LEC-2580 also features rich I/O ports, including Com ports, HDMI/VGA ports, USB ports and a maximum of 8 Ethernet ports for multiple cameras connection and data transmission, making it an ideal hardware solution for most ITS applications.

Featured Product


High-performance IPC with Intel® 6th Gen Skylake Core™ i7/i5/i3 CPU

CPU Intel® Core™ i7-6600U/i5-6300U/i3- 6100U
Chipset None

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