In-vehicle video recording is becoming commonplace on all forms of private and public transportation, making possible real-time event monitoring on cars, buses, trains and MRT for ensuring personal security and public safety. In addition to personal security and public safety, there is also a growing demand for in-vehicle audiovisual recording on more specialized vehicles such as police cars and ambulances. Similar to having black boxes equipped on commercial airplanes, audiovisual recording is required for documenting activities that take place within the perimeter of these vehicles, ensuring all evidence remain untainted and therefore undisputed.

The Challenge

A well-known customer in North America, one with 75 years experience in providing turnkey solutions for criminal investigation and forensic products, came to Lanner for an in-vehicle video recording solution intended for a fleet of evidence collection vans. A more robust and reliable in-vehicle computer was needed for replacing aging laptops as the primary form of video server hardware found on these vans, for purposes described above.

The requested appliance must meet the following criteria:

  • Multiple Cameras Connectivity: The hardware CPU must be powerful enough for connecting and running up to 6 PoE cameras.
  • Ignition Control: The hardware must have intelligent ignition control built in for powering on and off devices needed for video recording upon engine fire-up and shut-down in order to provide instant and the most comprehensive record of all events and activities.
  • Vibration Resistance: The hardware design must be rugged, shock resistant and weather proof in order to survive unfamiliar road conditions and unpredictable climates and fluctuating temperatures in various settings these vehicles will come across over the course of crime scene investigation and evidence collection.
  • High-speed Data Retrieval: As all video footage are to serve as the only proof of record for all activities and events that take place within the vehicles, these data are time-sensitive and must be downloaded from computers to portable disks for submission, together with all collected evidence, as soon as possible. The hardware solution therefore must be configured with high-speed USB ports capable of such speedy data transmission.

The Solution

Lanner’s LVC-5770 was eventually selected as the ideal solution for these evidence collection vans. The LVC-5770 features a powerful Intel® Core i7 processor, 2 SSD drives and 8 LAN ports with PoE support, collectively enabling multi-channels real-time video recording and data storage. The built-in suspension kit and E13 certification are a testament to the extensive vibration and shock testing the LVC-5770 has undergone, demonstrating its reliability for continuous video recording on even the roughest terrains.

The LVC-5770’s flexibility is enhanced by the ignition control and USB 3.0 support. The ignition control makes certain all necessary devices are waken upon engine fire-up for instant and on-the-clock video recording while the USB 3.0 ports, pre-configured with customer’s in-house software, allow plug-n-play function for fast data retrieval from the SSD storage, no additional setup needed.

The Result

The LVC-5770 is proven to be one of the most cost-efficient solutions from Lanner, one that combines performance, reliability and scalability. This particular client is now considering leveraging LVC-5770’s GPS tracking and 3G connectivity functions for upgrading other special-purpose vehicles that are designed for rescue mission, law enforcement and prison transport.