Continuous surging growth in urban populations creates a demand for urban mobility, a greater demand for faster traffic flow, improved public safety, and more innovative transportation. A good urban traffic management network will not only improve traffic safety and boost local economies, but it will also improve public health and protect the environment.

Smart road infrastructure, built on IoT and AI, allows for the collection and analysis of data to improve day-to-day traffic management, enabling a wide range of advanced applications, such as traffic flow analysis, smart traffic management, and violation detection, and assisting cities adapt for long-term sustainable transportation needs.


Using IoT sensors, cameras, radar, and 5G-equipped technologies, data can be analyzed in near-real time to help ease congestion, prevent accidents, reduce emissions, and streamline traffic flow. A US-based AI LiDAR company collaborated with Lanner to design a rugged edge AI roadside unit. The hardware of the roadside unit needed to follow the below requirements:

  • AI Expandable - with capacities including near real-time traffic information and AI and optimization, traffic monitoring captures important traffic data, such as vehicle count and speeds, cyclists, pedestrians, and objects potentially blocking the roadway.
  • Powerful Computing and Connectivity - as computing power is pushed from the cloud to the edge, new opportunities arise for edge workloads that benefit from low latency, near real-time analysis, and connectivity.
  • Various I/O Connectivity - for sensors, alarms, meters, and PLC, multiple I/O ports such as RS-232/485, DI/DO ports are needed.
  • Rugged and Fanless Design – the gateway is designed to work in challenging environments, such as those found in large-scale cell sites. The gateway appliance comes in a fanless design and can operate across wide temperature ranges.

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Edge computing solutions open a multitude of possibilities for smart and connected roads.

Lanner offers a full product range for rail and roadway applications, such as wayside control, rolling stock, urban traffic management, highway management, transportation hub management, and autonomous vehicles.

LEC-7242H smart gateway is a software-configurable product that meets the diverse array of performance and functional requirements for intelligent traffic systems with its adaptive lidar performance, integrated intelligence, advanced vision capabilities, and unmatched reliability and safety. The LEC-7242H, a GPU intelligent edge computing appliance with 1x M.2 B+M Key Hailo-8™ pre-installed, is a robust box PC powered by the Intel® Apollo Lake processor.

LEC-2290H, an intelligent edge appliance with Falcon-H8 PCIe AI accelerator card can process multiple video streams in real-time on a single device, while securely transmitting curated data and insights with robust onboard network connectivity, making it suitable for enabling AI computing for mission-critical applications such as video analytics, traffic management, access control, and autonomous vehicles.

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Industrial wireless gateway with Intel® Apollo Lake CPU and FCC/CE/PTCRB certification for LTE or Wifi.

CPU Intel Celeron N3350 (Apollo Lake)
Chipset SoC

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Intelligent Edge Appliance With Falcon-H8 PCIe AI Accelerator Card

CPU Intel® Core™ i7-8700 (Codenamed Coffee Lake S)
Chipset C246

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