Commuter, subway, light rail, and high-speed passenger rail systems are popular modes of mass transportation and are particularly important for cities undergoing rapid urbanization. Rail system digitalization provides many advantages like automated train control (ATC), predictive maintenance, vehicle tracking, and automated fuel and fleet management to ensure maximum security, safety and efficiency of operations.

Ethernet-based rail network systems are often used to facilitate communications between devices and systems on trains, combined with automated operations and remote control, results in increased freight and transport efficiency. This increased connectivity however, increases the rail system’s attack surface and unprecedented levels of cyber risk. Cybersecurity is imperative and risk mitigation strategies need to be implemented to ensure secured operations and service continuity public safety.


A market leader in industrial networking from U.S. contacted Lanner seeking rail cybersecurity platforms. The platform was built from the bottom-up to deploy the right security and operational monitoring solutions for their needs. The hardware needed to meet below requirements:

  • Rail Security Standards

MIL-810-G, EN 50155, EN 45545-2, EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4 and EN 50125-3 industry security standards ensures the rail gateway computer will be protected while in-train and wayside / station.

  • Wide Range Power Input

Light rail and high-speed rail require wide range power input, Lanner’s ICS-R372 series supports DC 9~50V/43V~154V input.

  • Wide Operating Temperature

The platform needs to be designed to endure harsh environments. Lanner’s ICS-R372 series can withstand wide operating temperatures from -40 ~ 70˚C.

  • Robust Connectors

The platform must be able to be resistant against constant high vibration and shock of modern and traditional rolling stock. ICS-R372 provides isolated I/O with IP67-rated M12 connectors, supporting up to 10Gbps.

  • GPS Tracker

The platform requires an onboard GPS receiver module and G-sensor to keep track of the moving train.


ICS-R372 Series is designed as a cost-effective embedded system, powered by Intel Apollo Lake CPU, providing quality performance with low power consumption for rolling stock cybersecurity application. ICS-R372 has passed extensive vibration and shock testing, earning compliance for EN50155 standard, making it exceptionally suitable for cybersecurity application in railway vehicles.

This fanless system also boasts an abundance of I/O and internal expansion capabilities with IP67-rated M12 connectors, including 6x LAN ports, 1x internal 2.5" drive bays, 2x HDMI ports, USB and console ports, offering power-efficient performance for rail vehicle computing needs. 

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CPU Atom™ x7-E3950
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