IoT and IIoT technology deployment using edge sensors and devices succeeded in making Smart Farming possible. Techniques and knowledge are now available to those wishing to implement industrial automation that guarantees excellent results in the agriculture business, or in this case, indoor orchids cultivation.

It is well known that orchids are one of the most delicate and high-maintenance families of flowering plants; and most of the successful cultivation requires carefully planned and closely monitored indoor environments. This indoor setting must be made arable or essentially fertile; variables such as soil content, additives, temperature, humidity and sunlight exposures all must be meticulously monitored and controlled via the deployment of an AI-ready solution.

Finally, cultivation facilities and dispensaries also require strong perimeters, proper physical security and access control.

Lanner Solutions

Lanner’s LEC-2290 is one of the configure-to-order AI-ready intelligent edge computing platforms specifically engineered for compute-intensive, AI-powered video analytics in the network edge.

This box PC is powered by the 8th Gen Intel Core™ processor; it features PoE connectivity, GPU expansion and is capable of running a variety of computer vision algorithms for improving AI-based video applications such as video analytics, video surveillance, machine vision, physical security and traffic monitoring.

What sets the LEC-2290 apart from any other smart NVR is the fact that its computing capacity can be expanded with GPU, VPU and FPGA for supporting additional video processing power and AI applications.

The LEC-2290 is also ideal for remote scenarios as its communication can be expanded with wireless capabilities by way of Lanner’s PGN-300 or PGN-600 LTE modules for delivering certified 4G/LTE wireless connectivity over commercial networks (AT&T & Verizon), CBRS and Private LTE.


A cultivation and site monitoring system set up using the LEC-2290 could leverage both the LEC-2290’s

AI-enabled x86 hardware and Intelligent Video Management Software (VMS). In short, the system solution uses IP video cameras for feeding data into the NVR where the aforementioned VMS is hosted and received data is processed and analyzed. The VMS provides the one-stop portal where the video feeds and information from all PoE cameras (including those of other facilities) can be viewed and actioned upon remotely and promptly from any connected and authorized edge device.

NVRs capable of compute-intensive video analytics, such as the LEC-2290, bring power to the edge network with the help of machine vision and other AI algorithms. Such surveillance and monitoring system could ultimately be set up with facial recognition, object classification and geofencing.

A LEC-2290 based video monitoring and/or industrial automation system would at the least ensure that all correct and productive practices are followed. However, advantages gained from a cultivation surveillance system would ultimately be derived from having the ability to control the cultivation settings. Variables such as temperature, humidity, dew point, air circulation and the amount of sunlight exposure can now be micromanaged.

Result / Conclusion

Successful orchids cultivation requires daily and even hourly maintenance and care. Lanner’s expertise in providing appliances for intelligent edge computing and industrial automation ensures that all system/software integration and deployment meet the demands of any agricultural objectives for maximum growth.

In addition to having the ability to micromanage all aspects and elements of a successful orchids cultivation, manual and tedious monitoring and management for pest control, watering filtration, circulation and air ventilation systems are now a thing of the past with the introduction of industrial automation. 

Contact Lanner for more information on the LEC-2290 and other intelligent edge appliances and industrial automation solutions.

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