Unveiling Lanner's Remote Access Controller with AST2500 

Lanner has established a reputation for delivering top-notch network appliances and industrial hardware solutions. The core of their ethos revolves around providing dependable solutions that can endure the most challenging conditions. With the integration of the AST2500, Lanner reinforces this commitment to reliability and innovation. 

The Power of AST2500 Baseboard Management Controller 

The AST2500 is a highly versatile System-on-Chip (SoC) solution designed to provide comprehensive remote access and management capabilities for servers and data center infrastructure. Its extensive feature set, coupled with integration into Lanner's high-end product, makes it an ideal choice for demanding server management scenarios. 

Fortified Security with TLS 1.3 over HTTPS 

One of the standout features of Lanner's high-end product is its robust support for the TLS 1.3 encryption protocol over HTTPS. Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 represents the latest and most secure protocol for encrypting data in transit, delivering several key advantages: 

Enhanced Security: TLS 1.3 guarantees that data transferred between the remote access controller and the server is protected with the highest level of security, shielding against eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and data breaches. 

Improved Performance: TLS 1.3 is optimized for faster handshake times, reducing latency and ensuring that remote management tasks are executed swiftly and efficiently. 

Perfect Forward Secrecy: The adoption of TLS 1.3 incorporates Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), a critical security feature that ensures even if encryption keys are compromised in the future, past sessions remain secure, enhancing long-term data protection. 

A Memory Powerhouse: 1024MB of RAM 

The high-end solution's stellar performance is further underscored by its substantial 1024MB of RAM. This additional memory capacity guarantees that remote access and management tasks are executed with exceptional speed, making server management more efficient than ever before. 

Advantages of Lanner's High-End Solution 

The integration of the AST2500 with 1024MB of RAM and TLS 1.3 over HTTPS in Lanner's high-end product provides a plethora of advantages: 

Unparalleled Security: Robust TLS 1.3 encryption safeguards data during transit, ensuring users of a secure remote access experience. 

Efficient Performance: With 1024MB of RAM, remote access and management tasks are executed with minimal latency, ensuring rapid response times. 

IPv4 and IPv6 Support: Lanner's high-end product is designed for the modern internet, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 seamlessly, enabling businesses to adapt to evolving connectivity standards. 

Versatility: This solution is adaptable to various server environments, making it suitable for diverse management scenarios in data centers and enterprises. 

Future-Proofing: The product is equipped to handle the growing number of connected devices and evolving security standards, ensuring its relevance in the future. 

IPMI 2.0 Compatibility: Lanner's high-end product seamlessly integrates with IPMI 2.0, providing administrators with comprehensive remote management capabilities and security. 

Lanner's high-end product, featuring the AST2500 with 1024MB of RAM and TLS 1.3 over HTTPS, is an embodiment of their commitment to providing advanced, secure, and efficient server management solutions. Its support for both IPv4 and IPv6 underlines its versatility and future-proofing capabilities, making it an indispensable asset for organizations that prioritize data security and efficient server management. With this high-end product, Lanner continues to set a new standard for data center excellence, ushering in an era of dependable and secure remote access control.