Lanner's Commitment to Reliability 

Lanner has long been a trusted name in the industry, known for delivering robust network appliances and industrial hardware solutions. The core of their philosophy revolves around delivering dependable solutions that can withstand the most demanding conditions. With the introduction of Dual SD Card Redundancy, Lanner reinforces this commitment to reliability. 

The Power of Dual SD Card Redundancy

Dual SD Card Redundancy is a feature that adds a significant layer of reliability to Lanner's products, especially those deployed in industrial and mission-critical environments. Here's how it works: 

Redundant Operating System: Lanner's products equipped with Dual SD Card Redundancy come with two SD card slots, each containing a copy of the operating system and related software. 

Automatic Mirroring: The contents of one SD card are continuously and automatically mirrored onto the second SD card. This mirroring ensures that both SD cards are exact copies of each other. 

High Availability: If one of the SD cards experiences an issue, such as corruption or a hardware failure, the system can seamlessly switch to the other SD card. This redundancy minimizes downtime and ensures that operations continue uninterrupted. 

Reduced Risk: With Dual SD Card Redundancy, the risk of a single point of failure in the operating system is significantly mitigated. The system can continue to run smoothly even when one SD card encounters problems. 

Key Benefits of Dual SD Card Redundancy 

The advantages of Dual SD Card Redundancy in Lanner's products are evident: 

High Availability: The feature ensures that operations remain stable and uninterrupted, even in the face of SD card issues. 

Data Integrity: Redundant SD cards protect against data corruption and help maintain data integrity. 

Minimized Downtime: The seamless failover to a second SD card reduces downtime and operational disruptions. 

Ideal for Industrial Environments: Lanner's industrial computing solutions, often deployed in challenging environments, benefit from Dual SD Card Redundancy to enhance reliability. 

Lanner's commitment to reliability has taken a significant leap with the introduction of Dual SD Card Redundancy in their products. This feature assures high availability, data integrity, and reduced downtime, making Lanner's solutions ideal for industrial and mission-critical applications. By integrating Dual SD Card Redundancy, Lanner continues to set a new standard for dependable network appliances and industrial hardware solutions, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted partner for businesses that demand unwavering reliability. 

NOTE: Standard appliances does not support dual SD card slots, but appliances can be customized. For more information on customizing appliance designs, please see here