Lanner Electronics today touted its wide selection of hardware solutions designed for a full range of Smart Grid applications and announced its commitment to working with the power and energy industries.

Armed with years of experience and expertise in board and system design, Lanner has successfully established itself not only as a platform provider for power grid connectivity, ICS cyber security and industrial automation, but also a design specialist for IoT-ready appliances such as electrical utility communications gateway, control system HSI and power SCADA platform with IEC-61850-3 and IEEE-1613 regulations.

The demand for Smart Grid hardware, especially those designed for managing and securing critical power and energy infrastructures, has increased exponentially. A report by GTM Research, entitled Global Smart Grid Technologies and Growth Markets 2013-2020 “forecasts the cumulative value of the Smart Grid market to surpass US$400 billion by 2020.” And the Asia-Pacific is among the top five regions with such fast growing demand, while China alone “represents 70% of the Asia Smart Grid market.”

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Lanner’s Smart Grid appliances have been adopted for over a decade by more than 44,000 substations across China for applications such as power communication gateway and ICS cyber security. And Lanner’s Smart Grid security platforms combine key features from network appliances and power communication appliances, making available the outstanding performance one would expect for implementing excellent security solutions.

“Lanner’s robust domain knowledge for the power and energy ecosystem ensures the delivering of market-driven design, optimal TTM manufacturing and top-notch services.” And “as a longtime partner with solid experience in working with major players in the energy industry, Lanner has proven itself a trustworthy IPC leader capable of meeting the evolving needs of today’s Smart Grid market demand.” 
-Jeffrey Wang, Head of Lanner’s Power Communications and Industrial Cyber Security Group.