In our high-speed era where big data analytics, machine learning, and high-performance computing have become integral to business operations, the 5th Generation Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors, codenamed Emerald Rapids, mark a significant advancement in computing technology. These processors are tailored to meet the expanding demand for greater processing power across various sectors. Designed specifically for network security, content delivery and edge AI applications, they deliver enhanced performance, improved energy efficiency, and robust security features. The incorporation of AI acceleration, coupled with support for faster memory and I/O technology, enables these processors to efficiently manage complex, data-heavy tasks.

Key Features of Emerald Rapids

  • Enhanced Core Architecture:
    One of the standout features of the 5th Generation Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors is its advanced core architecture. With a refined microarchitecture, these processors are designed to handle more instructions per clock cycle, improving overall computational efficiency.
  • Increased Core Count:
    The 5th Generation Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors boast a higher core count compared to their predecessors. This increase means more parallel processing capabilities, essential for workloads like virtualization, large-scale data processing, and complex scientific computations.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency:
    Intel has made significant strides in enhancing the energy efficiency of their processors. The 5th Generation Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors is designed to deliver higher performance while consuming less power, a critical factor in reducing the operational costs of data centers.
  • Advanced Security Features:
    Security is paramount in enterprise computing. The 5th Generation Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors come equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including hardware-based encryption and threat detection technologies, ensuring data integrity and protection against cyber threats.
  • Support for Faster Memory and I/O:
    These processors support faster memory speeds and enhanced I/O capabilities. This translates to quicker data access and transfer rates, which is crucial for applications that rely on real-time data processing.

How does enhancement compare to the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor?

A major architectural change in the 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor compared to the 4th Gen (Sapphire Rapids) is the move from quad-tiles to two larger tiles in the top-end XCC processors. This shift enables improvements in cache size, power efficiency, and latency. The reduced number of EMIB interconnects and other optimizations lead to significant energy efficiency improvements over the 4th Gen parts. Additionally, a new optimized power mode in the 5th Gen can reduce power consumption by up to 110W per socket at lower utilization levels.

Source: Intel Cooperation

  • Performance Leap:
    The most apparent advantage of Emerald Rapids over its predecessors is the leap in performance. This is achieved through a combination of more cores, enhanced core architecture, and support for faster memory. These improvements result in significant speedups in computing tasks, especially those that are parallel in nature.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    With the growing emphasis on sustainable computing, the improved energy efficiency of Emerald Rapids is a critical advancement. By delivering more performance per watt, these processors help in reducing the overall energy footprint of data centers, which is not only good for the environment but also helps in lowering operational costs.
  • Enhanced Security:
    In an era where data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly common, the advanced security features of Emerald Rapids provide a much-needed layer of protection. These features help in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with various data security regulations.
  • Future-Proofing:
    Emerald Rapids is designed with the future in mind. With support for the latest in memory technology, faster I/O, and scalability, these processors are well-equipped to handle the upcoming demands of enterprise computing, ensuring a degree of future-proofing for businesses investing in this technology.


The 5th Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable Processors, with their superior performance, energy efficiency, and advanced security, are set to redefine standards in high-performance computing. These processors enhance system capabilities and scalability, catering to future tech developments and diverse workloads. Their significant strides in AI and efficiency make them ideal for sectors like AI, cloud computing, and 5G networking, marking a new era in computing technology.

Lanner presents a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance network appliances powered by the 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor. Our diverse range of network appliances, including the 2U/dual socket NCA-6530, 2U/single socket NCA-6040, and 1U/single socket NCA-5540, caters to an array of network computing needs across industries. From robust edge computing devices to scalable virtualization platforms and advanced network security appliances, our portfolio exemplifies the high throughput and compute performance unleashed by the 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, ensuring that businesses can choose tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements, all backed by reliability and performance.

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