Big-city transit for most urban populations is a way of life and with digitalization and state-of-the-art technology, metro systems can leverage analytical and decision support tools to reduce risk, improve service, and increase safety. Metro and other major public transport systems have embraced evolving digitalization for the provision of services such as security, customer service assistance, and operational support.

There is an increasing demand for real-time information on passenger flow and centralized traffic control to improve the efficiency and productivity of station staff, drivers, and operations staff, in addition to making passengers’ journeys more comfortable and safer.


A global railway system integrator jointly adapted Lanner railway computer in a massive mass transit system located in a major metropolitan area in the Eastern United States. The detailed request for proposal required automatic offloading of onboard safety-enhancing surveillance camera systems; allowing electronic displays to show route and destination information inside trains and outside to control centers; broadcast announcements throughout train fleet and for internal communications; real-time information on passenger flow. The onboard rail computer needed to meet the following requirements:

High-performance Intel Core i7-7600U CPU.

A powerful CPU would be required for controlling imaging, audio, and video processing, integrating AI applications, and analyzing data.

10x M12 PoE ports.

Multiple PoE ports with M12 connectors for IP video surveillance cameras, actuators, and sensors to build a complete video surveillance system and electronic displays onboard, offering high-quality video quality and record.

Rich I/O and internal expansion capabilities.

Supports dual video ports (DVI-D/VGA), USB, and DI/DO ports for audio output and microphone input, important for public address broadcast systems and intercom systems onboard trains. Additional storage drives and COM ports for data and imaging storage and remote management. 

LTE/Wi-Fi Module

Add on 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi modules for mission-critical communications, enabling streaming of data logs and video imaging to the control center for synchronization and content data to be uploaded when trains arrive at the station. In the event of an incident, dispatchers and analysts can view the captured videos, facilitating both real-time emergencies and investigations.

GPS Tracker and G-sensor.

GPS location tracking is crucial for rolling stock applications, since the location of each train must be monitored by the control center to provide precise schedules and real-time arrival times, and for this information to then be provided to passengers.

Certified with EN50155 and EN45545 standards.

EN50155 is a regional standard covering electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications. The standard covers aspects including temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, and other parameters. EN45545 is a unification of fire safety standards taking place in Europe to ensure the safety of people and equipment in railway applications. Lanner’s R6S is certified with both railway standards to ensure the safety of people and equipment in railway applications.

Rugged vibration and temperature-resistant.

Lanner’s R6S resists the constant high vibration and shock of modern or traditional rolling stock. It is also designed with a corrugated aluminum case to cool itself without using fans, while also not compromising on its compact size. R6S can operate under a wide range of temperatures -40°C to 70°C.

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Designed for high-performance processing to deal with larger amounts of information in real-time, Lanner’s R6S has passed extensive vibration and shock testing. R6S not only features a high-performance Intel Core i7-7600U CPU, but also boasts an abundance of I/O ports, memory, and internal expansion capabilities, including PoE ports, removable 2.5” drive bay storage, COM ports, dual video ports (DVI-D/VGA), USB and DIDO ports. The system is compliant with EN50155 standard as a fanless rolling stock computer and can operate under a wide range of temperatures. The powerful appliance is most suitable for rolling stock control and monitoring, infotainment, video surveillance, and fleet management.

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