Traditional cloud-based media services often face latency issues, particularly when catering to bandwidth-intensive applications such as content delivery, multimedia streaming, cloud gaming, and video analytics. Conventional cloud deployments struggle to meet the stringent latency requirements, resulting in compromised user experiences and operational inefficiencies.

The integration of AI acceleration into the MEC platform at network edge significantly reduces the latency associated with media services, ensuring a more responsive user experience. This decentralized approach not only minimizes latency but also enhances the overall efficiency of media service deployments.

MEC Platform

The Lanner Edge Server ECA-5540, validated on Intel's Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series and Intel’s Converged Edge Media Platform, facilitates the seamless deployment of orchestrated cloud-native media services. This ensures an integrated approach to media service delivery, enhancing the overall reliability and performance of the services.

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Edge AI Server ECA-5540

The ECA-5540, based on 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (codenamed Emerald Rapids), offering significant improvements in performance, memory bandwidth, I/O speed, and AI inference capabilities compared to previous generations.

Key features of the ECA-5540 include:

  • 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Emerald Rapids): provides high compute performance, with an 84% increase compared to previous generations.
  • DDR5 Memory: offers a 66% increase in bandwidth compared to previous memory standards.
  • PCIe 5.0 I/O: enables faster networking and data transfer speeds.
  • Short-chassis/front IO design: enhances the platform's suitability for deployment in edge cloud environments where space may be limited.
  • Wide-temperature support: operates in a wide temperature range makes it suitable for deployment in various environmental conditions.
  • Multiple PCIe slots for GPU acceleration: enables the attachment of GPU accelerators, enhancing the platform's capabilities for GPU-accelerated algorithm.

Intel's Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series

The Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series offers unparalleled flexibility, setting a new standard as the most open GPU solution for the intelligent visual cloud. This GPU is engineered to seamlessly handle a wide spectrum of workloads, beginning with media streaming and cloud gaming, and expanding to encompass AI visual inference and virtual desktop infrastructure tasks. It leverages an open, standards-based software stack meticulously optimized for both density and quality, incorporating essential server capabilities to ensure high reliability, availability, and scalability.

The ECA-5540 can accommodate 2x Intel Flex 140 (Half height, half length) and 1x Intel Flex 170 (Full height, three-quarter length) in a single unit.


Intel’s Converged Edge Media Platform

The Converged Edge Media Platform represents a container-based, adaptable framework comprising hardware and software components, designed to streamline workload deployment and enhance hardware utilization within media solutions. By facilitating the coexistence of GPU-centric applications like cloud gaming and analytics alongside storage-centric use cases such as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), this platform optimizes resource allocation and reduces the total cost of ownership. Its cloud-native edge infrastructure is engineered to accommodate evolving combinations of workloads, ensuring elasticity to address variable traffic levels and meet diverse service level agreements effectively.

Source: Intel Corp.

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