In the cloud computing era people are connected to the Internet through their devices wherever they go. However, with all this convenience of data accessibility and availability come big challenges in data protection.

Data protection is one of the most important security issues on the Internet. Using security features to protect data, applications, and systems in the cloud infrastructure is critical in both preventing data leakage and in managing compliance mandates for service providers.

To help reach this goal efficiently and cost-effectively, Lanner Electronics has developed security acceleration adaptors and enterprise-class servers based on different SKUs of the Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series. These appliances ensure high security and reliability in a virtualized environment for quick deployment and rapid delivery of cloud services.

In this whitepaper, we will show the precise performance differences between various Intel Communications Chipset 89xx Series SKUs by conducting benchmark tests on Lanner products based on this technology.

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Security Performance Comparison Between Intel Communications Chipset SKUs