Lanner announces the certification of its cutting-edge NCA-4240 platform by Intel NetSec SD-WAN Developer Kit.

The Lanner NCA-4240 server is based on 14th Gen Intel Core desktop processor family with performance-hybrid architecture. The new Intel Core processors combines performance-cores with efficient-cores and increased cache sizes, delivering outstanding multithreaded performance.

Moreover, the NCA-4240 offers accelerated AI and deep learning capabilities without additional hardware, thanks to enhanced Intel® UHD Graphics driven by Xe architecture. leverages the built-in AI tools kits (Intel® DL Boost and Intel® OpenVINO™) to deliver faster inferencing for security applications.

Intel NetSec SD-WAN Developer Kit

Powered by a range of processors from 14th generation Intel® Core™ to Intel Atom® x7000C and x7000RE, this developer kit supports pretested and pre-validated network security and SD-WAN software packages. It boasts exceptional compute performance, accelerated AI inferencing, and computer vision capabilities, making it a standout solution for demanding use conditions.

The Intel NetSec SD-WAN Developer Kit integrates seamlessly with pre-validated software on Ubuntu Desktop LTS, encompassing the OpenVINO™ toolkit, Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK*), and Intel crypto libraries (IPsec_mb and IPP_crypto), to maximize hardware performance. Developers can harness a diverse range of pretrained models for acceleration and leverage training extensions to tailor and optimize computer vision models for deep learning applications.

To learn more about Intel NetSec SD-WAN Developer Kit, please refer to Intel website at:

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