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I help found 128 Technology to usher in a wave of innovation in networking through the application of software to IP Networking. In every industry, widely available programming capabilities have transformed them. Software defined radios have transformed wireless networks, computer controlled machines have revolutionized manufacturing and many more. We expect the IP Networking world to be completely transformed in the next decade through innovative software.

The industrial environment has evolved due to the demands for enhancements in processing technology. By integrating multi-core server and virtualization software, the production network is moving towards “consolidation” to optimize the hardware server.

SD-WAN has been the one of the trendy topic among SDN applications, and the wide adoption of it is largely contributed to the economical and security factors. Enterprises, particularly in ISP (Internet Service Provider) and CSP (Communication Service Provider), are showing rapid implementation of SD-WAN and SDN – related architectures to overcome challenges in their network management.

Virtualization platforms with open, scalable and optimized software enable lower hardware costs since fewer cores and less memory are needed to deliver the necessary performance. For effective service creation, CSPs must consider the necessary latency, throughput/performance and resiliency for their applications or services, and ensure that they are easily managed and orchestrated.

An open architecture allows service providers to efficiently integrate pre-validate hardware platform with best-in-class VNFs and to accelerate service time-to-market. To build a platform for multi-vendor SDN and NFV deployments, Lanner provide a wide range of white box hardware solutions pre-validated and optimized by major VNF vendors in the market specializing in SD-WAN, network security or mobile edge computing for 5G infrastructure.

Workload consolidation for service provider data centers is sometimes misunderstood as expanding hardware footprint. Virtualized network infrastructures like SDN or NFV orchestration models has indeed cut down the investment in physical hardware; however, there are still discussions about scaling data centers with additional hardware systems like storage devices in order to keep up with the promised application performance and QoS (Quality of Service). This misconception defeats the economic purpose of deploying uCPE white box server.

Lanner Electronics Inc.and Enea are partnering up to address common vCPE use cases and to provide reliable and customizable SW/HW computing platforms with high quality and performance. Enea website: https://www.enea.com