Many governments and transportation companies in the world are seeking intelligent and secure rolling stock solutions to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and commuting time between urban and rural areas. In fact, today’s passengers and operators demand more than just reliability and efficiency, but also comfort, infotainment as well as environmental friendliness. To meet the ever complicated demands, a more integrated system with high degree of modular flexibility and scalability is required.


The ideal system must integrate data transmission between the train and the ground, information, sub-systems like air conditioning, door-sensing and warning, as well as passenger information system. Moreover, surveillance and infotainment are also significant factors for passengers’ traveling options. Therefore, a major Europe-based rolling stock manufacturer and provider came to Lanner with the following system requirements:

Exceptional Computing Capability

To function as the central intelligence of the rolling stock, the required controlling and management system will be deployed at both the head and the end of a train. Therefore, a high-processing CPU is required to ensure system performance. In addition, since in-train infotainment is an attraction factor for travelers and passengers alike, the CPU must be able to handle multimedia contents efficiently.

EN50155 Certified

Environmental reliability is both vital and fundamental so that the required system must have obtained EN50155 certifications.

Digitalized Serviceability

Today’s passenger information system, in-train infotainment and surveillance equipments are highly dependent on Internet connectivity. Therefore, the required system must offer a high-availability of Ethernet ports, and perhaps better with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) since power supplies are not always available in rail environment.

Modular Flexibility and Scalability

This requirement is highly crucial as rail managements tend to maximize investment-return by applying open-standard modular platforms in various types of trains. In other words, the required system must allow a high degree of flexibility and scalability by applying function-specific I/O modules for extended functionalities.

Convenient Maintenance

The platform architecture of the required system should be open standard, and with hardware monitoring capability for future diagnose and maintenance.

Lanner’s Solution

To accomplish the challenging tasks above, Lanner introduces LVR-8300, a highly-integrated 3U rail system packing high-processing CPU, sixteen M12 PoE ports, EN50155 certified endurance and multiple modular expansions to operate as the brain of intelligent rail systems.

LVR-8300 is built with a high-processing, 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 4422E CPU (codenamed Haswell). The CPU is able to handle high-volume data transmissions and information flow, and process multimedia contents efficiently. Built with Intel x86 open-standard, the system structure can be easily diagnosed and maintained.

Network connectivity is another essential element in today’s rolling stock system. LVR-8300offers up to sixteen M12 PoE Ethernet ports for connections with networking devices like WiFi access points and/or IP surveillance equipments. With M12 connectors, LVR-8300’s Ethernet ports can function reliably in rail environments.

Reliability is a major concern and LVR-8300 has been EN50155 certified for protections against shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and surge. Lanner plans to pass the ultimate level “TX” of EN50155 for LVR-8300 in near future. Regarding hardware component reliability, LVR-8300 is designed with open-standard architecture and hardware monitoring capability for convenient diagnose and maintenance

LVR-8300 is a highly scalable system with multiple modular expansions. These expansion modules provide I/O functions including serial COM ports, GPIO (including 6 x DI+DO), DVR, SATA/mSATA storage space, and the mini-PCIe sockets designed with SIM card readers for WiFi/3G/4G connectivity. This high-scalability nature allows LVR-8300 to be adapted in various rolling stock environments, simply by applying function-specific modules.

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