The landscape of web threats has grown significantly, and as enterprises migrate to the cloud and expand their remote sites/branch locations, providing open always-connected access to the internet leaves the company vulnerable to several threats, such as malware, fraud, and other complications. Many organizations are realizing that the risk is especially high for web-based threats, and a more advanced and integrated approach is needed to secure against external and internal risks.

A secure web proxy server adds an additional layer of security between servers and outside traffic, greatly reduces the chance of a breach and provide cybersecurity and performance enhancement. An organization can use a web proxy server to anonymize web traffic to protect its users, balance web traffic and peering to prevent server crash, and increase speeds by compressing traffic, caching files, web page multi-access to free up bandwidth on busy networks. A web proxy server can be configured to block content from specific domains, to prevent phishing and malware, and incorporate multiple detection techniques such as DNS filtering, data loss prevention, antivirus, and advanced threat protection. 


A global enterprise security leader come to Lanner for co-develop a secure web proxy converged appliance. The hardware platform needed to meet the following requirements:

    • Real-time computing

A security platform requires server-grade performance to provide 24/7/365 real-time threat analysis computing processing power. Lanner’s FX-3420 series, with dual 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, provides the high performance for real-time defense. 

    • High Availability

A high availability platform ensures continuous operations or uptime for an extended period, and simply operate when and as needed. Lanner’s platforms offer 850W 1+1 redundant PSU, assuring non-stop and robust operating performance.

    • Dedicated SSL decryption device

A security platform needs dedicated hardware-assist SSL processing to offload CPU computing power, which will have a direct effect on overall server performance. Lanner’s platforms are powered by 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor with native QAT support. 

    • Scalable disk space

The most storage-heavy functions of proxy servers involve caching and a large body of users creates a large amount of cache. The proxy server must have a correlative amount of available memory or the service could bottleneck. 

    • Multiple I/O Ports

A security platform requires physical connection media to connect to the Internet and more, therefore Lanner’s platform supports multiple I/O ports including 10G SFP+ ports, GbE RJ45 ports, MGMT port, and console port. 


In our highly connected world, more sophisticated threats require the right mix of security solutions. Lanner delivers this protection, all on a single high-performance platform, to serve enterprises of all sizes.

FX-3420 offers a secure, high-performance, and high storage density in just 2RU of space for next-gen Lanner HCI appliances. FX-3420 can support up to 768GB of memory through multiple DDR4 2,666 MHz REG DIMM modules and comes with 12x SATA 3.5” hot-swappable disk drive bays. In addition, FX-3420 provides I/O functionality including one onboard M.2 slot, one RJ-45 console, one IPMI port for remote management, and two double-width PCIe*16 sockets for GPU acceleration card. FX-3420 is built with 850W 1+1 redundant power supply.

FX-3420 is optimal for high performance secure web proxy server, where computing network performance and storage are critical.

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CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family(codenamed Skylake-SP/Cascade Lake-SP)
Chipset None

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