Lanner Industrial Computers Now Preloaded with Open-Source Industrial Operating System for Time-to-Market IIoT Application Deployment.

Lanner Industrial Operating System is a Linux-based operation system specially designed for Lanner industrial edge computing appliances. Based on the latest version of Linux Debian 10 (Linux kernel v4.1), the industrial operating system on Lanner industrial computers creates a ready-to-use package that enables secure and reliable IIoT application deployment for remotely managing and monitoring smart cities, power and energy, oil and gas, transportation and critical infrastructure in industrial environments.

To address the long-term system needs of industrial environments, Lanner Industrial Operating System comes with 5-year Linux support that includes security patches and bug fixes, for fast service provisioning and easy development.

Major characteristics of Lanner Linux-based IOS

  1. Open Source: Open source Debian LTS version pre-loaded machine, get on your project as soon as you can and enjoy thousands of open source packages from the community.
  2. Security: Factory guarantees bug fix and security patches will not affect the function of the hardware. (pre-tested to make sure all I/Os will function properly).
  3. Intuitive-to-use: Easy-to-use SDKs to control all hardware peripherals in your application programs.
  4. Wireless Ready: Networking utility (Connectivity Manager) pre-built to allow user to easily use the network interfaces, including LTE and WiFi with GUIs and APIs. Eliminate the need for an external wireless router to reduce TOC. User can use the system as a wireless router, while simultaneously run their applications alongside with it.
  5. Future Support: 5-year Linux support that includes security patches and bug fixes

Featured Product


Industrial wireless gateway with Intel® Apollo Lake CPU and FCC/CE/PTCRB certification for LTE or Wifi

CPU Intel® Apollo Lake: Celeron® N3350 / Atom® X5-E3940
Chipset None

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