Rail service providers are facing increasing cybersecurity risks within their wayside signaling and train control infrastructure. With thousands of rail-specific assets and applications distributed across a wide network, there is a pressing need for continuous threat detection and monitoring to ensure network integrity and passenger safety.


The primary goal is to deploy a robust cybersecurity solution that enable advanced threat detection and monitoring capabilities, leveraging deep packet inspection technology to monitor all in-transit data on the wayside signaling network. This approach enables the identification of both application-level and network-level threats in real-time.

Upon detecting a threat, automated alerts are promptly relayed to the rail network’s operations center, enabling immediate response and mitigation actions. This ensures swift intervention to address any impending security breaches and minimize their impact on the rail network's operations.

Moreover, the solution is designed to monitor all in-transit data within the critical signaling, control, and communications networks without compromising network integrity or safety. It also includes measures to protect surveillance systems and provide comprehensive network and asset visibility for all connected systems.

Rail Network Security Appliance: ICS-R570

Lanner introduces the ICS-R570, a robust and certified industrial security appliance tailored for rail networks. This appliance is designed to address the cybersecurity challenges by providing real-time threat detection, monitoring, and network visibility.

Key Features

  • Certifications:
    The ICS-R570 is certified with MIL-STD-810G, EN50155, EN45545-2, and other relevant standards, ensuring its reliability and suitability for rail environments.
  • Temperature Resistance:
    With a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 70°C), the appliance can withstand harsh environmental conditions commonly found in rail settings.
  • Powerful Performance:
    Equipped with the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1404 processor and 32GB DDR4 memory, the ICS-R570 delivers robust computing power for running security applications effectively.
  • Rich IO Ports:
    The appliance features a variety of IO ports, including M12 protected 6x 2.5 RJ45 with 1 pair LAN bypass, isolated COM ports, DIO port, CAN ports, and OOB remote management, enabling seamless connectivity with OT sensors and devices.
  • Expansion Capability:
    With multiple M.2 slots, including options for SATA drives, 5G connectivity, and WiFi, the ICS-R570 offers flexibility for future expansion and integration of additional functionalities.


By leveraging the ICS-R570, rail service providers achieve enhanced cybersecurity capabilities, ensuring the integrity and safety of their wayside signaling and train control infrastructure. The appliance's advanced features and reliable performance contribute to maintaining a secure and resilient rail network, ultimately safeguarding passenger experience and operational efficiency.

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