With escalating inflation and supply chain challenges, retailers need to consider adding new technologies to their businesses to both enrich their offerings to attract new customers, amplify customer loyalty, and increase process efficiencies, while reducing costs in the long run. Automation and technology can change both customers’ and employees’ experience in the store, from new ways for consumers to find and pay for items, to information systems for workers.

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is a network technology that simplifies the operation and management of a network by separating the underlying network hardware from its control mechanism. Using SD-WAN, businesses can establish fast, secure, and reliable connectivity to enable new services and bring all their branches, sites or locations online to corporate applications.


A high-value customer required transition from a defunct Managed Service Provider (MSP) to a new one within a short time frame, and upgrade 1000+ branch gas station’s network services without disruption in revenue. The hardware network appliance for gas station SD-WAN solution would need to meet the following requirements:

● Pre-validated SD-WAN software

Lanner’s pre-validated Whitebox Solutions greatly reduces testing and validation efforts, which significantly accelerates time-to-market deployment with zero touch provisioning. With ZTP, automatic setup and over-the-air updates can be enabled across all branches, sites and locations.

● Flexible Ordering, Availability & Fast Delivery

Lanner custom designed an inventory process to fulfill customer’s exact needs, handling every intermittent step from optimizing inventory to S&H, duties and VAT taxes, to provide direct-to-customer drop shipment service, delivering Whitebox uCPE systems from our worldwide locations.

● Wireless Connectivity

The network application must enable secure add on of 5G, LTE, or Wi-Fi solutions to support payment terminals and other digital initiatives in the branch site.

● Security

Lanner’s open architecture appliances not only enable security virtual network function (VNFs) consolidations, in addition to hardware-assisted QAT® for network encryption and cryptography acceleration.

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Lanner’s ready-to-go uCPE platform along with its service flexibility successfully assisted a leading telecom provider meet customer expectation by enabling the seamless transition of 1000+ gas stations in record time. Lanner’s pre-validated Whitebox Solutions reduced testing and validation efforts, streamlined intercontinental logistics, and provided zero-touch provisioning for undisrupted service deployment.

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