For the past couple of years, SD-WAN has been the remedy to networking challenges in various fields, such as medical, emergency rescue, retain and so forth, making it one of the fastest-growing technologies in decades. Indeed, the ease of deployments, simplified maintenance and application-prioritized performance have helped businesses improve productivity and reduce overhead. In fact, even construction industries can benefit from SD-WAN.

Construction businesses often have to remain connected with multiple sites and branches. However, connectivity is frequently the concern as distributed sites and branches are out of proximity from networking infrastructure. Conventionally, they relied heavily on MPLS service providers, but these types of contracted services often offset their profitability. In order to enable construction companies with a robust, flexible and faster networks, SD-WAN is the solution to their networking challenges.


To meet the specific requirements for software-defined WAN optimization in construction sites, the uCPE hardware platform shall meet the following technical requirements:

  • Fanless and Wide Operating Temperature

SD-WAN hardware for construction sites is often deployed in smaller racks without ventilation or non-datacenter premise equipment. In this case, fanless and support of wide operating temperature are key to the robustness.

  • Open Architecture

Software-defined network architecture requires interoperability and wide compatibility with white-box hardware and third-party software. Thus, high-performance, open architecture processors with high RAM memory are optimal for SD-WAN hardware platforms.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity plays a critical role for enterprises with multiple operating branches and sites. Therefore, the uCPE hardware platform must support 4G LTE SIM card slot. For enterprise WAN optimization, Wi-Fi and POE+ are also crucial in the architecture.

  • Built-in Security

Today’s highly interconnected IT infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber threats at times. To protect enterprise SD-WAN, the hardware platform should include security measures in software, hardware, and firmware aspects, such as BIOS-based Secure Boot/Boot Guard, Hardware Root of Trust (TPM), and Intel QuickAssist Technology cryptographic acceleration.

  • Fiber Optic Connectivity

For enterprises with multiple remote branches and operating sites, it is ideal to have fiber optic Gigabit ports to enhance connectivity.


Lanner collaborates with ecosystem partners to provide open, interoperable SD-WAN solutions to reduce their CAPEX and OPEX expenses while optimizing their WAN connectivity and reliability for branch networks.



  • Rugged uCPE platform for remote construction sites

Lanner’s NCR-1510, a compact form factor network appliance powered by Intel® Atom® 2~8 Cores C3308/C3508/C3708 CPU, is designed to be deployed in branch offices or remote sites. NCR-1510 can support a wide operating temperature range of -40~70ºC. For wireless connectivity, NCR-1510 supports two Mini-PCIe sockets with Nano-SIM readers to support WiFi and 4G LTE modules.

  • High-performance network gateway for enterprises and datacenter

For large-scale, high-availability demands with multi-WAN architecture, Lanner introduced its 1U rackmount white-box appliance NCA-5520, to converge multiple VNFs and enable ZTP (zero-touch provisioning). Lanner’s NCA-5520 is powered by 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor Family to offer high-performance, high-throughput and crypto-acceleration. As a high-availability system, the white-box hardware platform is built with a redundant power supply. Regarding scalability, NCA-5520 comes with 4 NIC module slots for connection with Lanner’s F.A.S.T. (flexibility, adaptability, scalability and transformability) modules to expand functionality, connectivity or bandwidth, for instance, 100G Ethernet modules.

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