The growing consequences of accelerating climate change have been visible across the world with wildfires, floods, severe heatwaves, and even tropical cyclones in recent years. Climate change presents many challenges to society, as extreme weather events and pollution increases disease infection, while frequent wildfires and droughts threatens livelihoods. Data from an automated weather station (AWS) can be used to detect climate change trends and input into models to predict future changes in our environment.  

An automated weather station is comprised of an integrated system of components that are used to measure and monitor weather and climate parameters, and then automatically transmits the observations to be studied. The more precise of information provided, the more the climate can be understood and the more accurate future conditions can be assessed, to gain a reliable, long-term view of the global climate. This has become particularly important in the context of climate change, as climate variability increases and historical patterns shift.


A professional system integrator from Southeast Asia approached Lanner seeking an edge computing gateway for an automatic weather station (AWS) network, to be deployed in multiple sites. Most importantly, the edge gateway must have the ability of backing up data to avoid data loss in the event of communication interruption. Data measurement station control equipment must also meet the additional requirements as follows:

● Dual Core Processor

An edge gateway with dual core processors delivers robust performance and greater application reliability. In particular, Lanner’s NCR-1510 is powered by an Intel® Atom® C3000 processor, with 2 to 8 core SKU for selection, designed to provide a significant boost to application performance, network infrastructure efficiency for multi-site deployment.

● Cellular Connection

Real-time monitoring is extremely beneficial for AWS networks and can be realized though the latest technologies. This appliance incorporates cellular data transmission to ensure real-time data streaming. The gateway enables flexible network configurations by way of multiple network interfaces, including mini-PCIe for Wi-Fi or 4.5G LTE expansion, and optional removable M.2 LTE caddy, allowing for installation of PGN-300 or PGN-600 swappable LTE modules.

● Ethernet Interface Ports

Having standard broadband internet connections, in addition to SIM broadband, makes the appliance more robust and provides a safety net to keep the network continuously running without interruptions. This gateway supports 4x RJ45 GbE, 2x SFP or 2x RJ45 (By SKU) and 1 pair of Gen3 LAN bypass to deliver ethernet connections at 10 or 100 or 1000 Mbps.

● Wide-Temperature Range

Industrial-grade sturdiness and reliability for outdoor use, a wide-temperature network appliance provides flexibility for diverse configurations and resistance for optimal operations regardless of the weather.


In order to meet all the requirements of the customer, Lanner proposed the NCR-1510, a wide-temperature fan-less network appliance optimized for 4.5G LTE communications. Powered by an Intel® Atom® C3000 processor, the NCR-1510 delivers robust performance when deployed in demanding environments. With Intel® QuickAssist technology running up to 10Gbps, the NCR-1510 offers cryptographic communications with base stations and industrial-grade LAN functionality, all in a compact form factor. The gateway provides flexible configurations with an optional removable M.2 LTE caddy, allowing for the installation of PGN-300 or PGN-600 swappable LTE modules. NCR-1510 is the ideal edge gateway appliance for automated weather station networks.

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